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Boray Fixed as a ‘Project’, a Spoiler in Eldas Parliamentary Contest



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Ahmed Boray, a contestant for the Eldas Parliamentary seat in the August 9 General Election, is currently nursing injuries of  a significant setback in his push for the Eldas Parliamentary contest after details emerged allegedly portraying his ambitions as a “project” candidate.
The candidature of Boray has been linked, according to sources, to Garissa Township MP Aden Duale. Duale
has been under suspicion of being used by a set of external forces who, according to sources, have been out to dismantle and scuttle the influence of Eldas legislator, Dr Adan Keynan, before details emerged through a post on one of Duale’s Facebook pages confirming the fears.

A post by Team Duale on Facebook

According to the post that has sparked conversation on Wajir Facebook outlets, Boray was at the centre of the debate in the better part of the day, sparking reactions from the people of the elders who termed his a “DUALE PROJECT”.
In the set of reactions, they said that the Boray factor had nothing to offer the people other than scuttling and reversing the development strides made in the last three terms of Keynan’s leadership.
It’s unfortunate that Duale, despite planting and imposing Boray on the people of Eldas at the chagrin of the development progress Keynan has built, has been out martialling idle boys to insult and abuse our leader,” read a post by Abdi Sheikh Baladul, which further stated, “We know external forces are not happy with the kind of development Keynan has brought to Eldas, and making one of the youngest towns in Wajir that has huge projects like the biggest mosque in the region has been probably giving them sleepless nights.”
Social media has been awash with details dwindling Boray’s chances of a fierce competition, with many characterising him as a person being used to cause confusion.
So far, despite the political development, Keynan has given the issue a wide berth.
Keynan is unbeatable from the beginning to the end of the issue.”We shall be out as early as possible to vote for Keynan because we know his experience and transformative ability,” he noted.
As the politics of the area took shape, the majority of the comments posted questioned Boray’s emergence into the politics of the area, with some questioning how he emerged from unspecific area to contest.
Some also raised questions about his links with Abdille Yussuf, who has lately been at the centre of controversy after a video emerged of what was termed as actions portrayed as incitement of communities in the area.
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