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Boray Gives Up, Loses a Fighting Chance, Embarks on Building his Profile for 2027



It has been a hard assignment for one, Abdikadir Ukash, who runs the blogging site that has been out to mislead and manipulate the public reality for small banknotes, misleading the people of Eldas to manipulate the public perception of the shambolic Tula Tula event today, claiming that it was successful when everything turned out to be shambolic.
The disguised endorsement event was poorly attended, forcing the organisers to seek an urgent means to ferry students as far as Basir/Lakoley ward, which was given a wide berth by the Fardanow community with less than 100 adults attending.
Instead, based on the number of students who attended and the number of school buses seen at the ceremony, the event would be disguised as a student mentorship program or inter-school games and sports competitions.
With no proper planning, it was clear evidence that the event was not attended by the known Fardanow community leaders, exhibited by the picture that has been awash all over social media of Sadik Abey from Basir, the home area of Boray, carrying him on his shoulders.
The picture further showed that those escorting Boray to the event, the majority of whom were not even the voters of Eldas but those who were only invited for a PR stunt. At the event, there were only two elders from the Fardanow community who handed over to Boray the certificate, unlike what happened at the endorsement event of Eldas MP, Dr Adan Keynan, a month ago, where the council of elders handed him the endorsement certificate.
Could it be a sham that Boray has been trading with an unknown group of brokers disguised as an influential figure in the community?
As far as any elaborate event is concerned, Boray has been left with an egg on his face, leaving him more desperate, frustrated, and divided despite intensified calls by some of his close allies asking him to step down and back the incumbent.
It has been further revealed that some of his key mobilizers who have been facing a hard time mobilizing bolted out, leaving him in the hands of those who have their own selfish interests first and who organized an event that had less than 30 chairs and no attendees, forcing the team to pick students to cover the shame.
It has also been revealed that one of the vehicles, from Wajir West, was overused to ferry the locals in the neighbouring constituency and has been left at the event after developing some mechanical problems.
Sentiments filtered by Kulan Post News have analysed the flow of events and concluded that the shambolic event was only meant to save the face of Boray by building a false perception that he still has a chance to manoeuvre, but the fact still holds that he has an uphill task not to win but to retain the number of votes he got in the last election. It is also clear from the event that Boray has already given up. His business is to struggle for relevance to build a fighting chance in the subsequent elections. That was clearly seen today, that the fringe politician had shifted his tact and invested in building a perception rather than seeking votes.

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