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Boray Senses Early Defeat Takes War on IEBC, Abuses Electoral Officials and Demeans the Election Process



Heavy pressure has mounted on Ahmed Boray Arale, a contestant in the Eldas Parliamentary seat who has now waged an attack on the electoral body, IEBC.
The new political entrant who is now contesting for the second time, according to pundits, has lost ground and appears to have sensed defeat.
It’s the same cards he played out during the 2017 elections, where after sensing defeat, he also staged a series of abuses on the respectable community elders, the incumbent MP and blatantly beat the drums of war.
With the account of how events in history repeat, today, the same naive character, hungry for power and only appearing during election season, is facing a tough season, now coming early before the incumbent officially launches his campaign.
The heat seems to be too hot for him as he even struggles to retain the number of votes he got in the last election.
Despite the early signals running through his social media parrots, Boray has been seen abusing the electoral process, waging attacks on the IEBC, and issuing inflammatory statements that speak of a man who has lost ground and the tide of martial support now less than two months before the general elections.
But who is Boray, a self-proclaimed doctor known for mass polio immunizations as a social community worker with no ties to Eldas, not even a cliche that connects him to there?
Many describe it as a notorious scam, his idea to contest the majority of the locals, as a plot being stage-managed by the enemies of the people of Eldas to take full control of Eldas and drive their agenda of looting and depriving the people of their rightful share of development.
For why the plotters settled on Boray and financed his candidature, it has been revealed that he is broke and lacks the financial muscle to run for elections; therefore, he is susceptible to being easily controlled.
Being weak is another aspect that the group of known power brokers pursued in ensuring that their puppet and project have no choice but to follow all the instructions given to them, making the future of the people of Eldas entirely dependent on the mercies of this group of cartels.
Much has been revealed about the person of Boray, with words on the streets still holding that he has the slimmest or no chance to topple Keynan in the elections.
Many still believe that, despite missing the grit to face the incumbent, he is the weakest contender to face off with the latter.

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