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Boray Showing Signs of Conceding Defeat, Attacks Keynan, Disrupts Rally That Left the MP’s Security and Media Handlers Injured in the Brawl



It’s officially the end of Ahmed Boray, an elder in Eldas town was overheard saying, pointing at several rowdy youths who interrupted a public rally by Eldas MP, Dr Adan Keynan.

Before he said more, everything turned mayhem and pandemonium filled the air with stones coming from goons sponsored by Boray before the Eldas legislator addressed the rally that formed the sunset of the campaign season.

“Boray is gone and forgotten. You cannot use desperate boys to throw stones and disrupt the meeting of the kingmaker in the full glare of the public and go scot-free,” spoke Ibrahim Maalim Ahmed alias Ibrahim Kabaray.

On account of what transpired, vividly clear, the last rally in Elda’s town was marked with lots of excitement as the people showed up in large numbers to express their massive support for the ‘kingmaker’ of Wajir politics.

In what appeared to be a good day, in what was described as Dr. Keynan’s best moment of the season, would enrage to the bone the Ahmed Boray, who was peeping somewhere following the smooth flow of the procession of hundreds of people.

On what was seen as a matter that made Boray go the desperate way, the bad news was that Siyad Jimale, the UDA candidate for Eldas Parliamentary seat bolting out of the race and adding his weight behind Keynan.

UDA candidate Siyad Jimale with Dr. Adan Keynan during grand rally in Eldas town.

Desperately, as it can be simply inferred, he got to the pancrease and the liver of Boray, who marshalled the row boys to rudely turn the celebration down, destroying the event and leaving some of the Keynan boys with severe injuries. They were all taken to the nearby hospital and attended to.

Due to the compromised situation that posed a life-threatening warning, the meeting was tentatively called off.

Siyad Jimale during the grand event in Eldas town.

After learning that his plan to disrupt the meeting had been successful, he ushered his paltry supporters to listen to him while hurling insults and abuse at his senior and leader.

Despite the open flow of events seen and witnessed, through his desperate boys, deceitful as they have always been, they group that include semi-illiterate boys took to social media throwing all manner of abuses to the Keynan.

Through his bloggers, including Omar Shiekh Ali, they could not give the people of Eldas space to comprehend the fiasco they had caused. Rather, they went out and insulted all Eldasians who sought to question their flimsy propaganda while boasting that they would still win the election that remains one day away.

In a post released by Keynan’s social media platform, Team Eldas, it was posted.

“Losers have a way of conceding defeat. Stone-throwing is their landmark action. The message is out: we are winning and our victory is fast-loading. “Keynan is unstoppable,” the post read.

The ugly event has caused a stir among the people, with the majority accusing Boray of irresponsiblbehaviouror that was informed by the desperation and frustration that he was losing the election to the incumbent.

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