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How Boray Used A Gang to Wreak Havoc Ultimately Causing Pain and Suffering to IEBC Official Who Had His Leg Amputated



The people of Eldas have called on all investigation agencies and security apparatus in government to lodge investigations into the recently reported incidents of insecurity that occurred before and during the just ended season of elections.

In a statement by the elders who spoke to Kulan Post on Thursday in Eldas town, they noted that the ugly incidents reported have sparked tension in the areas.

“Whenever we are called upon or requested by the DCI to speak about the cause of violence in the Eldas elections that ended up in turning the Eldas CDF Grounds, which was the constituency tallying centre into a battle field, we are ready to speak,” said the elders, who sought anonymity for their security described the issue as a politically deeply rooted issue.

They noted that they were ready to expose all the unprintable facts and the overboard action of one of the contenders who was contesting for the second time after suffering defeat in two elections consecutively.

They said that the conflict that turned the tallying center into a battlefield was brought about by the same contender on the pretext of defending his interest in the election.

Although the elders called for a truce between the two conflicting factions, they never had kind words for the perpetrators who financed an illegal militia gang to wreak havoc and interfere with the elections process.

One of the heinous incidents reported was an attack on an electoral body official, Ahmed Kanyare, by a faction allegedly sponsored by Ahmed Boray Arale.

Kanyare, who is now fighting for his life in a hospital, has had his leg amputated.

“Now see the painful outcome of such a young man who was out to do his work as a Presiding Officer and was hit by the bullet on his leg, now amputated from the attack of hundreds of bandits hired by one of the contestants to attack the tallying center,” they noted.

The irresponsible behavior of the contestant, the elders noted, cannot be taken lightly because people’s lives were threatened throughout the election process, exposing security officers to limitless challenges in ensuring the safety of voters and electoral officials.

Ahmed Boray and his team who are accused of sparking conflict and sponsoring operations of a gang that sparked violence before and during the election exercise.

Reports show that one of the contestants who had sensed defeat started exacting extreme pressure on IEBC officials, trying every means to unlawfully compromise the election process and threatening the safety of the locals.

A day before the election, he is accused of allegedly marching young men to light up old tyres at the main entrance that led to the tallying center, blatantly blocking the electoral body from circulating electoral materials to polling centers.

The reason was the seamless election process that was now facing a new delay for a day across the constituency.

At one point, the gang was deployed at Della and Anole, where the band of hoodlums attacked the polling stations and caused havoc, including damaging electoral materials and turning the scene into another battlefield.

In order to end the perpetual threats being peddled around social media, the people of Eldas, who currently live in fear, have now called on all government agencies to investigate the matter and lock up all culpable culprits.

“The people of Eldas, having witnessed the level of life-threatening encounter starting from the attack of the incumbent in Eldas town during his last rally, now feel the entire constituency has been evaded by criminal elements whom they think have been brought by one of the contenders to threaten peace and harmony among the locals,” they noted.

In the aftermath of the elections, the attacks have seen innocent civilians nursing serious injuries while others with minor injuries are discharged.

Eldas MP-elect, Dr. Adan Keynan, who fiercely condemned incidents, called for peace and armistice as he affirmed his push to unite the people and the vast communities.

He noted that he’s ready and the committee to steer development as a matter of priority in the area.

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