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Jiir, Boray in a Tight Corner, Now Deviates From Viable Issues, Stages Imaginary Contest



As political arithmetic takes shape, desperate political figures who have failed to mount a reasonable political campaign or have lost touch with the people who have outright given them a wide berth in their ambitions.
But who cares when they lose touch with the reality that they have no command of the language of serious arenas of politics? These
words describe the desperate attempts by Ahmed Boray and Ahmed Jiir trying to build a non-existing perception from a statement from an Eldas legislator who was accusing leaders in general who have no values of leadership but put the interests of the people to trade for their selfish gain.
Speaking today in Anole, where he was endorsed by the community, Dr. Keynan, after martialing and drumming support for the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga, the vocal legislator never minced words in pointing out leaders who have been a letdown in the entire region.
“We are all in the contest, but there are leaders who I support for what they have done for the community, but others I know they have no interest in the community but are in business,” he said as words were translated to be directed at the former Wajir governor, Ahmed Jiir.
Mr. Jiir comes to mind whenever Eldas’s politics are discussed, given that he has
He has been accused on several occasions of being alongside some UDA power brokers in financing the candidature of Ahmed Boray in a secret mission meant to punish Keynan.

The two were last seen in the public limelight last Saturday, when they led the delegation of Wajir leaders in hosting Mr. Odinga and the Azimio team during his North Eastern tour.

He is running for the Wajir gubernatorial seat, which the Eldas legislator, widely regarded as the kingmaker of Wajir politics, has stated he will not support.
In a retaliatory attack, Jiir and his political surrogate have come out guns blazing, accusing Keynan of supporting the UDA candidates whom they failed to mention, and accusing him of supporting Wajir West MP, Ahmed Kolosh, a close friend of Keynan.
The accusation has been deemed baseless since Keynan has enjoyed a cordial working partnership with Kolosh, who is the legislator of the neighboring constituency.
But when did political rivalry become a matter of life and death?
In the interest of ensuring that the people of the two constituencies continue to live in peace and harmony, Keynan praised Kolosh for being a leader with measurable skills to deliver to the locals of Wajir West, which has been capitalised on by the camps of Boray and Jiir, who accused Keynan of endorsing a UDA candidate.
But the narrative has failed to sail since it is believed that the two have not been on good terms for a while, which in the background of political tension, Jiir is trying to settle political scores using non-existing or imaginary storylines.
It is surprising how the former Wajir governor, who hails from the pastoralist community, has failed to grasp how endorsements are done since one can be endorsed at a political rally or a roadside meeting.
The hype by Jiir and his team connected to Boray is all joined by a lead conman who has been out seeking deceitful gaps in the con politicians in Northern Kenya. Abdikadir Ukash speaks of a deep rooted connection of desperate politicians who have been clipped by their past failures and have no room to take off.

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