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Keynan Wins Big In Grassroot Visit Amid Shivers From Competitors



The move by Eldas MP Dr. Adan Keynan to seek a direct audience with the people in an interactive meet-the-people session has outraged his perceived 2022 competitors by the kind reception he was accorded in the areas he toured since Monday.
His fledgling political detractors, who have been in oblivion for years after losing the 2017 elections to him, could not hide their tension and panic during the weeklong full of activities.
While busy with their usual clout chasing gimmicks and propaganda to water down the activities, they ultimately suffered a wide berth on social media.
Keynan has since completed his first phase of an eventful week that has left a remarkable impression all over social media spaces that, among others, sought to ventilate the collective strides made and the future opportunities he’s focused on pursuing to build our development capacity and cultivate better development opportunities for the community.
In the eventful week, the legislator who has enjoyed unmatched visibility in the vast areas of Eldas town, Masalale, Jukala, Waradey, Liban, Jigjiga, Majabow and Anole, pulled a trick that has caused shivers on the sides of his competitors, who have since developed jitters and seen the move as a plan to forestall and give the MP a political advantage in next year’s elections.
Other areas that the MP toured to assess the progress of development and the priority of projects include Wargadud, Bandir, Kilkiley, Dadantallai, Baladwein, Dagahley, Bakala, and Orote.
The residents of Lakoley, Arjega, Horote, Langura, Dela, Abdiwako, Yaqo, Elyunis, Biad and Bilatulamin had the opportunity to interact with their leaders during the progressive grassroots tour.
The legislator is expected to make a similar visit to TulaTula and Elnur towns in the course of the month after sending his disappointed competitors right back to the drawing board before a humiliating defeat in 2022.
The busy week started on Saturday after Keynan hosted Education CS George Magoha at the mega inauguration event of Ultra Modern Eldas Boys’ Secondary School in Eldas.
The ceremony brought on board MPs and other leaders from Wajir County who applauded his leadership skills and approach to development matters.
The Saturday event sent frenzied tension to the group, which resorted to waging frivolous attacks on social media to water down the event, but the botched mission could not serve the purpose yet again.
The group of politically isolated politicians who have been trading propaganda and consistently suffering humiliating setbacks by losing political clout with each passing day have conspicuously gone silent since Thursday.
On Saturday, the Eldas MP was keen on engaging in political rhetoric.
Two weeks ago, in Wajir West, during the unveiling event of Diff Sub County, an event that was attended by the National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, Keynan maintained that it was not time for a show of political supremacy.
He further asked political leaders to focus on dispensing service to the people.
He noted that the time for politics will come and go and that the wishes and needs of the people and region will remain a big factor to be fulfilled by leaders.
Keynan, who has been a big factor in North Eastern politics, has been an ardent campaigner and an advocate of education empowerment, a nature and environmental activist, and a true defender of transformative servant leadership, attributes that continue to build strong mettle to command unwavering support and influence in Wajir and beyond.
The secretary of the Jubilee Coalition Joint Parliamentary Group (PG) has so far built a rich profile in the national political theatre as a reliable factor in the leadership of the ruling party.

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