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Keynan’s Development Legacy, Series of Endorsements Reduces Boray to a Village Idler



The roadmap to August elections in Eldas Constituency has openly taken shape amid a wave of community endorsements pointing at the incumbent Eldas MP, Dr. Adan Keynan, positioning him to be in the rightful place as the people’s choice in the August General Elections.
The choice of the incumbent has attracted massive endorsement at the height of the political campaign, posing panic and shivers across the political divide, especially a week after the MP reaped a major boost with close to 10 communities, professional groups, and religious leaders, among others, pledging to support his re-election bid.
Among the communities that unanimously backed Keynan are the powerful Sultanate of the Jibrail community, the council of elders of the Fardanow, Geylible, Idiris, Dumal, and Raqay, alongside religious leaders and different professional groups drawn from across the constituency.
Also in the list of endorsements is the support of the populous Eldas University and Colleges Students Association. At all endorsement events, the legislator has been lauded and appraised for reviving and opening up the region to future development opportunities—the structures the locals believe will spur regional socio-economic growth.
The elders from various clans and communities who have been pivotal players in mobilizing support for the MP have been out to popularize his candidature, describing him as a hardworking leader whose passionate interest in the community’s growth has remained unrivaled, and pledging to mobilize their respective communities to lock in their respective community support for the leader.
Dr. Keynan, who was recently appointed to the coveted position of the Vice Chairman of the Azimio Coalition’s top management council, will be facing his distant political rival, Ahmed Boray Arale, who is alleged to have the hardest assignment to topple a tactical political figure with a span of over 20 years in political leadership.
According to opinion polls conducted last month by Mizani Africa, Dr. Keynan, who was also feted as the best performing MP in the country and whose impact the community, will be defending the position for the fifth term.
He’s currently among the longest-serving legislators in the National Assembly.
According to the locals, Dr. Keynan is expected to face off with Boray, whom the majority consider an amateur and inexperienced politician who has missed the tact and the strategy to command the clout. This is compared to Keynan, who enjoys a widespread network not only in Eldas but in Wajir County and across the region, giving the incumbent an upper hand, especially built on his remarkable development track-record.
From the people’s voices captured by Kulan News Post, Keynan has an easy time martialing support in Eldas, drawn from the footprints of his thriving legacy.
This was brought about by the majority who were opposing his bid in 2017 but jumped ship to declare their support for the vibrant Keynan.
For the locals, it’s about time to confirm their choice and, of course, to demonstrate and re-affirm their confidence that Keynan is the rightful choice for the position during election time.
From different sentiments from the locals, Kulan News Post has authoritatively established that the people of Eldas understand the importance of having a vocal leader in such an influential leadership position with a clear understanding of the benefits that come with the huge network locally and nationally.
Given that the MP, who has been nicknamed SIMBA, enjoys close ties and a cordial relationship with the state, the locals expect more sets of benefits to come in the next political dispensation where the MP has strategically positioned Eldas and Northern Kenya for government investments.
Pointing out the events that have positioned Keynan’s elections as guaranteed to his opponents, who have missed the grip to match the speed and the weight of the tactical politician, as if running out of ideas to match the influence and silently conceding an early defeat, they have resolved to step back and directly sell fear to the people at the detriment of popularising their manifesto.
 Boray and his boys, who are seen as common brokers in the political space, have reduced the bigger conversation about securing the future of the people to a full-time discussion of the MP displaying a team that has lost the road, perhaps shooting in the dark.
“It’s very early to consider defeat by selling to the people of Eldas FEAR rather than a development agenda,” a vibrant member of Eldas Professional told Kulan News Post on the phone.
According to him, in the great conversation about the future of the people of Eldas, which Dr. Keynan holds so dear in elevating the status of the people, the process has been hijacked by political puppets and known power brokers, who have blatantly imposed Boray to disorient the flow of development to the people.
He added: “Instead of discussing issues of the people, our opponents have embarked on scaring the good people of Eldas, who enjoy a cordial relationship with their leader.”
He added that they have made it a priority to incite the community by using their bloggers to foment hatred at the chagrin of presenting their manifesto since they are not informed of the structures Keynan has put in place to secure the future of the community.
In his observation, Dr. Keynan has never scared or intimidated anybody in Eldas. All he does for his people is transformative development and serve them diligently, a thing he has done since 1997 in the former Wajir West, which gave him the approval to be overwhelmingly elected again and again.
“I wonder about people who can buy such, which, according to me, is cheap, misty, and porous given that the gates leading to the house of our leader have always been open for the people who have been free to visit him, sometimes late at night, to talk to their leader and share their experiences,” he asserted.
He described the plan as retrogressive and draconian, a message of downfall that the MP has a plan or has intimated to anybody that a message is misleading and outrightly choreographed to mislead the public and foment hatred if not to harbour conflict, asserted the influential leader of the Eldas professionals. On the state of malicious propaganda circulating on social media about the Eldas MP, he noted that the team of bloggers aligned with the opponents of Keynan have been out publishing stories that are malicious, imaginary, and fictitious meant to downsize the personality of the legislator, but to the leader, who understands that sometimes desperation is an act in politics, he has always given the issue a blind eye.
“The boys are walking free despite some of their long posts being warranted to be selectively criminal and interfere with the law of natural justice. Some without shame, they call him for help, and being a leader, he has always offered a helping hand whenever approached, “he said.
On development, he confirmed that the course of transformation has gained traction and that the people of Eldas have always appreciated the support of Dr. Keynan since he has demonstrated that he’s the voice they want and the choice they deserve.
“The milestone we have walked, today we are proud people that we have well-equipped schools, an accessible road network, and the availability of clean and sufficient water in most of the areas, apart from a few that are yet to receive it.” “This is the measure of visible changes we see that have given Eldas a name,” he said.
Despite confirming his vote for the incumbent, he lauded the legislator for being a straightforward leader who has brought remarkable transformation as well as expanded the capacity of the community, giving the people of Northern Kenya pride and identity.

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