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The Desperate Link Between Boray and UDA’s Siyad Jimale, Plan to Save Boray’s Drowning and Deserted Boat Using UDA Funds



The secret connection between Eldas ODM candidate Ahmed Boray Arale and UDA’s Siyad Jimale exposes two camaraderies working together to fulfil a secret mission.
The two, despite working for two different and opposing camps, speak the same language, walk the same style, breath the same air, and more so, wear the same political uniform.
Kulan Post News has revealed several issues that define the relationship of the duo, who are political opponents who presumably work on a mutual interest, which to them is not winning the election but making money from the funding of the opposing parties.
According to reliable sources, the collaboration between the two is not intended to protect the interests of the community, but rather an elaborate plan by Boray to obtain funds from the UDA to fund his campaign after learning that he is isolated and has only tenuous ties to the party.
The approach by Boray is only meant to satisfy his greed for campaign cash. It’s for this reason that the UDA Wajir office tipped the national party’s office to deny Siyad the party’s certificate after reading malice about his association with Boray.
This explains why Siyad has been out crying for the UDA’s certificate to be on the ballot, despite knowing he can not even mobilise 10 people in his village to vote for him.
According to the source, the UDA party will release funds to help him in his campaigns, which he knows he cannot waste the cash on since he has no fighting chance but will channel the cash to salvage Boray, who is currently under financial pressure.
Boray has been in a severe case crunch, losing all of his key allies to gubernatorial aspirants in Wajir for failing to meet his financial obligations.
With information circulating on social media, it’s believed that Boray has only pegged his hope on Siyad as the only option to acquire the cash that would help him oil his campaign for the remaining time before elections.
“There will be no consolation, no sideshows, no witch hunts to save the bleeding project,” According to one of the influential social media influencers, the majority
hold the opinion that the ODM contender is a PROJECT, a puppet and robot-remotely controlled who was imposed by a section of power brokers to use him to reap resources and win contracts and opportunities from the locals.
As the power brokers and cartels withdrew their support from Boray, after realising they had no chance to win against the incumbent Dr. Adan Keynan, they outright withdrew their support, terming the move a waste of time.
It’s after that that problems knocked on Boray’s doors, leaving him in a tight corner, with no cash to fuel his campaigns, turning him into a beggar in the streets of Nairobi, seeking the attention of different sponsors but all without a gleam of hope.
So far, he can’t be isolated. Without money to brand even a single vehicle, his posters are less than 200 in parts of Eldas. His social media tinktongues have gone into hiding, some already hired by different gubernatorial hopefuls.
To summarise the whole story, Boray’s ambitions are in a comma and he enters a permanent stasis if the UDA that has issued the UDA certificate to Siyad, who is aiming for the party’s nomination slot, goes ahead to deny him the party’s funding after learning of the behind-the-scenes political card. It will be the end of the road for Boray.
To Boray, it’s more than embarrassment that last month, if it were not for some of his allies encouraging him, he had already prepared his stepping down from the race message, which he was prepared to release on what was presumed to be his campaign launch in Tula Tula, an event that was fully attended by school children.
Out of too much pressure and confusion, if not lack of tact and strategy, falling right at the centre of the mistakes he made in 2017, after learning that he had no room to win, he repeated the same by attacking the electoral body, IEBC, abusing respectable elders of the community, threatening IEBC staff and literally everybody out of frustration.
Overall, it is clear that no amount of IEBC abuse will resurrect his dead political career, and no amount of treachery will clear his name from the PROJECT tag.
He has literally clipped himself and can never fly or swing. He’s stagnated and ran out of fate.
This has been felt even by his close allies, including the leading socio-media conman, Abdikadir Ukash, who commented in one of the socio-media posts saying, “Boray Kwisha” after learning that the aspirant was only surviving on borrowed time and had become weaker and weaker to face the incumbent.

Abdille Yussuf

It’s the same reason that led to Yussuf Abdille’s leaving the camp two weeks ago to join Team Ahmed Jiir to push for the gubernatorial aspirant who is contesting for the Wajir Governorship.
Abdille has been promised the position of Wajir County speaker if the former governor wins the election.
Before leaving Boray, who is hanging at the crossroads, he once whispered to his closest friends through which he told them that things have been tough for Boray and that he’s not really to be left behind by sacrificing his time and money to a person who has no fighting chance in the elections.
As if that was not enough, his social media cheerleaders have also vanished, like Sheikh Omar, who has disappeared to join Team Mohamed Elmi, who is contesting for governor, leaving the shell of Boray sinking deep into desperation.
Though he’s short of choices and has nowhere to go due to his irresponsible behaviour and deceitful actions, Noordin Maalims is out but still massaging the puppet with one foot out. He’s perhaps not here nor there.
It has been discovered that, unaware of the patterns Noordin is playing, he’s already out of the camp to support his sister-in-law Suli Guhad for the Wajir Women’s Rep position.
The bottom line is that Borah has become a gravy train that everyone has been riding since the beginning, leaving him to fall and die alone on August 9th.

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