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The Handshake Shaped Kenya’s Political Landscape, Says Keynan



Eldas MP, Dr Adan Keynan, has defended the truce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner, ODM leader Raila Odinga, saying that the union eased political tension and ushered in a moment of political sobriety in the country.

Speaking during a morning interview with a local station on Tuesday, he said the paradigm shift has so far brought peace and tranquillity and ushered in a phase for the country to share prosperity.

He stated that the handshake resulted in a cordial working relationship between the ruling party and the ODM, which he declared to support to unite the country.

The two parties have been working with other like-minded parties to form the next government under the shed of Azimio La Umoja.

“We will firmly support this cause because we believe the idea behind the formation of Azimio carries the hopes and aspirations of Kenyans in the bid to build a united country,” he said.

Despite the frenzied cloud of speculation about the build-up narrative that the ODM leader is a “state project”, the legislator who is also the Secretary of the Jubilee Coalition Parliamentary Group (PG) termed the narrative as patchy and manipulative.

“This is nothing but a scheme by some opposing forces trying to raise the stakes of their speculation high.” Raila is a household name and an enigma with a strong background knowledge of national issues. He pointed out that he could not be a project for anyone.

The influential Northern Kenya leader, who is also the deputy leader of the UPYA Movement, opened up to the country that the terms of engagement between the two parties, together with other affiliate parties, will be formalised during the parties’ NDCs.

He said the Jubilee party’s NDC will not only seal the fate of the renegade members but will also provide a healthy space for the ruling party to rejuvenate and re-energise in the push to regain its rightful place in the aftermath of the August elections.

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